Flashlight Easter Egg Hunt

Good morning!

One of our family traditions every Easter is an Easter egg hunt.

It began with my cousin and me as children searching for plastic eggs filled with candy in my parents’ yard. Then we continued the tradition with our own children. As the years have gone by and we’ve experienced divorces, families going in different directions, and  deaths, the prize inside has moved from candy to gas money and has evolved to just my 3 daughters.

They’re all grown up now and have added husbands, boyfriends, and children to their lives. But none of them have been allowed to participate.  Just my 3 daughters. Their strict orders. It’s THEIR tradition. And it’s the competition to beat all competitions! 

Well this year, I decided it was time to change all that. After all, it is Easter! I was not seeing the love in this private game I had been enabling! I found the perfect solution on Pinterest. 


A flashlight Easter egg hunt!
Same Easter egg hunt.
New rules.
A more grown up version.
Everyone can participate.
It’s a win win. 🙂 

We moved it from Easter Sunday to the evening prior, tonight, this Saturday night just after dark. Besides, the weather is forecast to be better today than tomorrow for just this sort of outdoor festivity.

I’ll keep you posted on the outcome. I’m excited.  A new chapter for our family.  After all, life’s about change. 🙂 It’s all about the love, the fun, the laughter we all share as this constantly evolving, some lost, some new ones found, blended family we call ours, gathers together to celebrate Easter, a time of rebirth. Not competition.

Kind of reminds me of a familiar bible verse.
Ask and you shall receive. 
Ask Jesus into your life, and you’ll receive much more than candy and money eggs, I can assure you.
Seek and you shall find.
You’ll find something much greater than plastic Easter eggs.
Knock and the door will be opened. Tomorrow morning is proof of that. The tomb door was opened by God Himself. Jesus lives!

To all those in search of their golden egg, Happy hunting!  🙂  I’ve found mine. His name is Jesus.

Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7

Love and laughter,



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