The Great Storyteller

Good morning!

This is my father. 


One of his greatest talents is storytelling.  Whether it’s with a grandchild on his knee or at a table full of adults, he’s been known to mesmerize his listeners with his stern demeanor and deep voice as he weaves tales of bad guys from days of old. Whether true stories or tales he makes up for the kids, he can tell them with the best of them.

He’s a Cowboy and Indian kind of guy. If you walk into his room you’ll find knives and guns and mounted deer racks and even an authentic bear rug. There are pictures with Indian chiefs now his blood brothers. Governors and judges he’s campaigned with. Each piece carries its own story. Each story he’d love to tell. 🙂

He’s lived all over, but credits growing up in Oklahoma during a time of bootlegging and outlaws as his home.

He learned from the best. The greatest storyteller of all was another father. Our Heavenly Father.  The best story ever told is recorded in a book. The bible. Dictated through many. Down through the ages.

It all leads us to The Christmas story. But God did not stop there.  He gave us it’s sequel, the Easter story.

He’s still telling stories today through each of us. Take my dad. His is a walking talking story of past places he’s lived, things he’s done, people he knew.

I want my story to not just be about me, but to also include how God’s love has impacted me. How others fit into the pages.

We all have a story to tell. The choice is yours. If you’ve been touched by God chances are you will want to tell yours to others, or if not, maybe you’ll just want to sit and listen. It’s called your testimony.

Whatever your story may be, I hope and pray it ends with a Happily Ever After before it’s final The End. I pray the story you tell is a never-ending one. 🙂

Tell your children about it in the years to come, and let your children tell their children. Pass the story down from generation to generation.
Joel 1:3

Love and laughter,



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