Road Trip

Good morning!

You can’t say I didn’t go anywhere for spring break! I took a road trip to Ponca City yesterday!  With my dad, his best friend, and his best friend’s caretaker, who’s become a dear friend to me.

Our destination was the Ponca City Country Club to be the dinner guests of these men’s 99 year old friend and his wife. A man who will have lived a century on July 7th. 

But not without a stop at the Marland Mansion first for a quick tour as we entered town.

The Marland Mansion and Estate is a historic, architectural landmark in itself marking the oil boom for E.W.Marland and Ponca City.  The tale of how the two, The Marland Mansion and the man, C. D. Northcutt, are entwined together in history is quite the remarkable story to say the least. You can pick up a copy of C. D.’s book if you care to read it for yourself. They are both legends. This man and the “Palace on the Prairie”.


What a fun way to spend St. Patrick’s day! It was so precious to listen to the stories from and about a man who has certainly lived his life to its fullest. And impacted many other’s lives along the way in a most positive manner. Not to mention the history of Oklahoma. 

As a child, I’ve taken my share of road trips with my dad over the years. Yesterday was no different. I followed along with my dad and his friend. I think we women were invited along to offer a couple of pairs of younger eyes for the road. One as the driver and I rode shotgun. My dad was our back seat driver. He was our GPS. He knew the way. He’d taken this road trip a time or two before.

Can you think of anyone else who others followed along as he traveled along on the road?

No matter where the road took Him, others followed. His life was one continual road trip. Sharing His story.

Let’s all get on board.  Let’s follow Him wherever He may go. Just like I followed along with my earthly father, let’s all follow the road our Heavenly Father has laid out for us. Just like my earthly father was our GPS, let’s let our Heavenly Father be our guide. He knows the way. He IS The Way. 🙂 

As they were going along the road, someone said to Him, “I will follow You wherever You go.”
Luke 9:57

Love and laughter,


P.S. My thanks to C.D. and Gwen for a most memorable evening. ♡


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