Good morning!

No matter where I went this weekend there were crowds. Fans from all over came to participate. This is the weekend the 2016 GEICO Bassmaster Classic is taking place here in Tulsa for the Outdoor Expo and weigh-in and at Grand Lake  O’ The Cherokees for the fishing. That means that all 55 boats that are competing in the weekend event have to drive two hours from the lake in Grove with their live catches to the BOK Center in Tulsa for weigh-ins.  The fish are then stored in a large tank under the stage and then all will be returned back to the lake and released.

That’s quite the travel itinerary for our state’s Bass friends.  I hope they all make it. 🙂


The admission is free for all the events. The only requirement is the ability to cheer loudly for your favorites as each afternoon’s weigh-ins unfold. Very loudly so I’m told! Grilled salmon and lobster bisque are the closest I come to fish, but I’m tempted to go see for myself.

The last time this event was here in 2013 it brought the second-highest attended in history, with over 106,850 fans visiting one or more of its venues, either at the lake to watch the fishing or the Outdoor Expo and weigh-ins in Tulsa. And with that it also brought revenues of  $22.7 million to the area. Not bad Oklahoma!  Thanks to our Bassmaster friends!

So if you have to wait a little longer for a table at dinner tonight, please be like our fishermen friends, patient.  Those extra guests to our fair city are helping pay for that road repair and park improvement. And while you’re at it, why not order FISH! 🙂

Whether for sport or a living, these men go back as far as biblical times. Jesus, Himself, recruited them to be some of His own disciples.  We’re not just talking bass here. He made them fishers of men.

Whether or not you like the sport of fishing, you just might like to join Him. Let’s all be fishers of men. Cast out our lines into this world and see what we may catch. Hopefully a sole (soul) or two. 🙂

Welcome to Tulsa all you Bassmaster Classic friends! We’re glad you are here!

And He said to them, “Follow Me, and I will make you fishers of men.”
Matthew 4:19

Love and laughter,



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