Good morning!

The staff in Miss Marilyn’s room is a bunch of tea sippers. Unsweetened. We’re not from the South. We do things differently here in Oklahoma. We do drink our tea iced, but more for the caffeine and the energy. No sitting in rockers on front porches here. We work with 3 and 4 year olds. Our friends keep us on our toes. Besides,  we’re already sweet enough. 🙂

Especially QT tea.♡


The 32 oz. Big Q is currently $ 1.29 with tax. And they do offer a price break on self-serve refills if you bring in your own cup. And we all can’t wait for their summer drink discounts. The Big Q will soon be just 69 cents unless prices change. That’s a pretty good buy for a small chunk of change. 🙂

They have a regular tea bar at your disposal. Complete with lids, straws, and carriers so you can stop in on your way to work and pick up one for everyone in your classroom. Adults that is. 🙂

There’s plain tea or original as they call it. Sweet tea, raspberry tea, mango tea, passion fruit tea, pineapple papaya green tea.

Ever think about how you brew tea? It makes no difference whether you drink it hot or cold, you still prepare it the same way. You soak it in hot water to bring out the savory flavors.

That’s kind of how God made us. Sometimes He needs to soak us in a little hot water to bring out our true identities. Figuratively speaking of course. Let us suffer our own consequences. Get our attention. Remind us of who’s boss.

I don’t know about you, but I know I’ve had my share of times spent where I felt like I was in boiling water. 😦

We’re kind of like tea. God doesn’t want us lukewarm.  He wants us hot. Freshly brewed so to speak. Hot and on fire for Him. Sharing His gospel with others. Sometimes we’re cold. Cold as ice. He can deal with that. He understands it’s part of a process. He knows it’s because we are struggling with something, blaming Him. Like a death or something unfair. Or just not there yet. It’s all in His timing. But He hates lukewarm!  Lukewarm means you once we’re there. You were hot, but you’ve lost it. Apathetic so to speak. Indifferent. Uncaring.  He never stops caring about us! We should never stop caring about Him! And sharing that with others! Just like we hate putting lukewarm tea in our mouths. He will spit us out!

The next time you stop in at your favorite local QT for a drink,  remember this. Are you being lukewarm?  If so, turn up the heat. Water boils at 100 degrees C. 🙂

So, because you are lukewarm, and
neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth.
Revelation 3:16

Love and laughter,



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