Super Tuesday

Good morning!

Hey all you Oklahomans!
Get out and vote!
It’s Super Tuesday!
Polls are open from 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. today

The choice is yours.


It’s time to exercise your right to vote. If you don’t vote, you really have no right to complain if you are disappointed with the outcome. I’ve heard grumbling this election that there is no candidate that stands out as primo presidential material. I’ve been guilty of taking part in it myself. 😦

I urge each of us to vote. No vote is still a vote. When you say nothing you still are saying something.  By your actions just not your words. They say actions speak louder than words.

When we as Christians sit back and watch the many acts of injustice occur around our world and do or say nothing,  we are showing the world we are weak. We are afraid. We are indifferent. Stop being lukewarm!  That is not how God made us! We are victorious! We’ve already won what really matters! 

Instead let’s stand up together in love and use our vote, our voices, our hands and feet, our hearts and souls, our faith and our prayers to make this world a better place. God’s still got this. He’s still in control. Not a man or woman sitting in the Oval Office.

Together let’s make this Tuesday super!

33 Make your motions and cast your votes, but God has the final say.
Proverbs 16:33

Love and laughter,



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