Good morning!

Some of the best advice I ever got came from a Q-tip.

Q uit
T aking
I t
P ersonally!


One of the first things I learned as a Para working with special needs children was you cannot take their defiant behavior personally.

Sometimes that’s easier said than done. No matter how old we may be, none of us like to be attacked. And we’re all human. We tend to be a little self-centered. We take things personally. It’s our nature to turn things inwardly, more about us.

You have to remove yourself from the WHAT and look more towards the WHY.

I encourage each of us to take things a little less personally. When we see others lashing out at us, whether physically or verbally,  let’s all ask why and try not to focus on the what. We already know the what. Poor choice of communication.  Bad behavior.  If we can get to the why we can better equip them to understand what triggers such behavior to avoid it the next time.

It usually is not even you at all that they are lashing out at, you are not the cause, but rather you are the outlet of their behavior. Their circumstance are more than likely the problem.  Out of their control.  Offering them choices to help them feel they are once again gaining control of their situation usually works wonders. 

I’m sorry to say, this blog is by me to me! I need a dose of my own medicine. I have been no better than some of my preschoolers this past week. I have been stressing myself lately over some of my own circumstances and have been lashing out. 😦

To those that have been my outlet, I ask your forgiveness from the bottom of my heart! ♡ I’ll come by later with a box of pretty pink Q-Tips to offer as a reminder to not take it personally,  it is not you, but me that’s the problem. I ask you to just keep offering me God’s unconditional love to help me through it! Even Paras need love and forgiveness too!

Do not take to heart all the things that people say, lest you hear your servant cursing you.
Ecclesiastes 7:21

Love and laughter,



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