Crossword puzzle

Good morning!

In all my years I have never seen a day that my father did not start his day by working the crossword puzzle in the daily newspaper. It’s what he does.

When it comes to Christmas or his birthday, you know you can always give him a new crossword puzzle book, and he’ll be a happy camper.:)


Maybe that’s where I get my love for words!

Have you ever done a crossword puzzle? It’s a matter of filling in the correct words into the designated number of spaces, both vertically (up) and horizontally (down) based upon the clues given. It is a great tool to stimulate your brain.

What habits do you have that you do routinely each day?

As for me it’s coffee and writing my blog. I also read a couple of devotionals each morning on my youversion bible app on my phone. I try to pray each morning before I start my day. Often times it’s on my drive to work. Me and Jesus. He’s my co-pilot. 🙂

I know I need to exercise, too. But I am the world’s worst at fitting exercise into the daily equation when it’s cold and dark outside. I justify that I get my share at Jenks West Elementary each day.

I’m thinking a prayer walk or run immediately after school with my dog would be ideal!
I’ll start tomorrow! If it’s 60! 🙂

We all certainly need good physical habits to keep our bodies in shape. But let’s not forget our souls. They need a daily workout as well. It will not only keep our minds sharp but also our hearts.

Jesus made a habit of talking to His father every day. Alone. Where He could intimately have conversation with Him. He taught His disciples how to pray as well. Just like Jesus, prayer is how we talk to our Heavenly Father.

I urge each of you to meet Jesus wherever it’s comfortable for you, and talk to Him each day about all your thankful for, your dreams, your desires, your fears, and your struggles. It’s called prayer. No puzzle or pen needed. No filling in the blank. It’s free text. And once you get started,  the Holy Spirit will intercede for you in filling out any
you may have remaining.
Incomplete thoughts. Plans.
On His timing of course. Just listen. And patiently wait. And I’ll give you a little hint: the answers to your prayers can’t be found at the back of the book like a crossword puzzle. They’re scattered throughout the entire book. The book of God. The bible.

It happened that while Jesus was praying in a certain place, after He had finished, one of His disciples said to Him, “Lord, teach us to pray just as John also taught his disciples.”
Luke 11:1

Love and laughter,



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