Good morning!
If you recall, I told you Wednesday that I was giving up clutter for Lent.

A funny thing happened.

Day 1 of Lent.
That croupy cough that in my past has ended in bronchitis returned to visit me this past weekend. (The joys of working around lots of school age children during the winter in Oklahoma.) I recognized the symptoms and headed to the urgent care after work Wednesday. A chest x-ray, four medications, and a case of bronchitis later, I went home. Once there, I took my meds and went straight to bed.

Did I clean my closet to give up clutter as I planned to do?  No! 😦 Did I wake up the next morning feeling guilty about it?) Yes! 

As I was driving to work that next morning, the stoplight turned yellow, and I had to stop at a major intersection. My peripheral vision caught a man standing on the corner directly beside me holding a sign. A sign, which I might add, I never even read. I did however read my car’s outside temperature which read 37 degrees. It was above freezing. But not much. 😦

I am so uncomfortable with panhandlers that I usually try not to even make eye contact.  I’m such a softy I want to move them all in with me. But experience has taught me not to trust their sincerity. I think many are not all that homeless or helpless or alcohol/drug less or even fundless! I barely get by myself so I can’t afford to be duped. I’ve had one too many experiences with helping a panhandler that changed my response. And I normally would not give cash to such individuals. I’ll buy them a meal. Even sit and eat with them. And give them a ride somewhere.  (No, I no longer do that.)

Today was one of those days when I felt led by God to reach into my wallet and pull out a $20.  Right at that very moment. That was the time to get off that mouse’s wheel I just wrote about, and take a leap of faith. I’m not so sure God Himself was not saying under His breath at that very moment, “You want to get the clutter out of your life? Start with your wallet! And maybe you’ll be forgiven for not starting yesterday!” 🙂  


I normally have very little cash on me, but on this specific day I had a $20 that was available to pull out and hand to him, so I did so. For God, not necessarily for him. What he did with that money was between him and God. I acted as God’s hands and feet and responded to His calling to me.
The man took the $20 from my hand as  I said,  “Sir, here, this is for you.” And as he took it he replied, “Bless you.”

As the light turned green, and I drove off, I realize how blessed I was. I was sitting in a warm car, driving to a paying job, I had friends and family, my health now that I had visited the urgent care was good, my life was really not so bad, I even had a spare $20 in my wallet that I could do without. 🙂

I urge each of you to look inside yourself, and see what clutter you can get out of your life.

The funny thing is my wallet is the last place I would have ever thought had clutter in it! And isn’t it just like God to ask me to reach out to another soul this morning from what I viewed as my least likely place to begin? And man, did it feel like the thing to do! Blessed my entire day! 🙂

I pray that each of you have a wonderful day today, and you, too, will realize how blessed you are with what you have. If you dont think so, just look around you. There is always someone less fortunate than you out there.

And today after work I think I’ll clean out my closet. 🙂

Give to the one who begs from you, and do not refuse the one who would borrow from you.
Matthew 5:42 

Love and laughter,



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