Load Bearing Beam

Good morning!

I live in an older home that has many home improvement issues. When I look around it, I am reminded of the hospital where I sometimes work. Triage. The assigning of degrees of urgency.

There are things that are broken, worn out. The downstairs heat and air unit. Faulty electrical wiring. Plumbing issues. Those things would need to be addressed first for my dreams to turn into reality. Next would be the things that would function so much better in a different configuration. Like a wall taken down. Lastly would come those things that would be merely cosmetic, more esthetically pleasing, like a fresh coat of paint or new baseboards or granite or quartz or hardwoods. 

You could say I have rehab envy. I watch alot of home improvement shows.

The biggest challenge to home improvement is the early on added expense of a load bearing beam. I’ve watched enough shows to tell you, they are never included in the estimate. And you can pretty much count on getting your checkbook out and being ready to write a check for at least $2000.00 to cover one. Everyone wants the open floor plan these days. And every open floor plan requires at least one load bearing beam.


For every wall you tear down, there needs to be a load bearing beam put up in its place to withstand the weight structurally. 

Load bearing beams give our homes the support they structurally need to uphold the weight above them.

Let’s switch gears from the physical realm to the spiritual.  Let’s see what walls in our spiritual dwelling places need support. What walls we need to tear down. Let’s let Jesus be the load bearing beams in our life. We cannot carry the load alone. We were never meant to.

I know when it comes to triage, there is a much greater urgency for my spiritual dwelling to receive repair than those in my home.

Let’s all begin with our eternal dwelling place. Let’s get that support in order first before we delve into resurrecting load bearing beams in our physical locales.

“Come to me, all who are tired from carrying heavy loads, and I will give you rest. Place my yoke over your shoulders, and learn from me, because I am gentle and humble. Then you will find rest for yourselves 
Matthew 11:28-29

Love and laughter,



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