Good morning!

I have no addictions. But if I was to, you could almost bet I would be addicted to Google.


Google, the most visited website in the world.

Thanks to our modern technology and the internet, we can now carry on seemingly intelligent conversations with others about subjects unbeknownst to us and write blogs about any subject matter whether or not we are truly knowledgeable about it, at the touch of a screen. All simply because we can Google it.

Google offers us:
Instant intelligence.
Instant worldliness.
Instant gratification.

In days of old, if I failed to know something, I would have to search through an actual book, an encyclopedia.  Remember those sets of books your mom could purchase each week at the grocery store?  Or if your parents were really well off, you had your own set of Encyclopedia Britannicas.

To find answers regarding current events depended on actually being present at the event, reading a newspaper article about it, or catching the daily radio or television newscast to find the answer you were searching for.

Or one could simply say, “I don’t know.” That was an acceptable answer. Back then.
Not any longer.

Anytime I don’t know something,  I immediately Google it.

A few quick hits on my smartphone and voila! Instant brilliance!
You gotta love it!  ♡

Google is the ultimate Web search engine used to help you find an answer to virtually anything and everything!

But did you know that the ultimate answer cannot be credited to Google? It came from Jesus when He answered, “No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

That answer can be found in a plethora of locations,  but it was originally found in one book, the Holy Bible. Chapter 14 of John, verse 6 to be exact.

It’s the most significant answer there is. It doesn’t even matter the question.

Let’s all Google to our heart’s content to find the answers to all the worldly trivial information we are seeking. But let’s all hold in our hearts the one, the only, true answer to everything, Jesus Christ.

Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.
John 14:6

Love and laughter,



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