Separation Anxiety

Good morning!

I’ve had a new house guest for the past several months. Her name is Nellie.  She belongs to my youngest daughter. 


She’s a Pocket Bully. Just a puppy. And an adorable one I might add. Until my daughter, her “mama” or owner or Pack Leader, leaves her home alone without her. 😦

That’s when she quickly begins wearing out her welcome with me!

She chews everything in sight!
The harder the better!
Things that she shouldn’t! 
Like remotes (Lots of remotes! They are her favorites!) and shoes and reading glasses and brand new wooden Adirondack chairs still in the box. 😦

She suffers from separation anxiety.
It’s a real live condition where a dog is hyper-attached to its owner and cannot cope when the owner is not there.

The signs and symptoms include excessive chewing to relieve the stress it feels or continual barking or whining.

For Nellie, the answer to her separation anxiety and my sanity is now a crate when her mama is not home.

The crate should be your dog’s safe haven, a place he or she feels secure and enjoys. She even gets her favorite bone and or toy to be used as a stress reliever while she is in there. 

That’s how we are wired as well. Just like Nellie, we get separation anxiety when we are separated from our Heavenly Father, our God, our Master. Out of His will. No longer listening to Him. 

Just like Nellie has destructive behavior patterns when she is away from her master, so do we when we are separated from ours.

Jesus gave us the Holy Spirit to help us by being with us at all times. No separation anxiety necessary. He convicts us of our sinful, wrong behavior. He guides us in the right paths for our lives, and is our seal that we belong to God.

Let’s all find confidence in the fact that we will never be alone. We will constantly have the Holy Spirit guiding us. Let’s step out of our crates, our safe havens, today and into the world and share the love of God to all that cross our path.

“I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, that He may be with you forever;
John 24:16

Love and laughter,



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