Good morning!

Have you had an opportunity to use Uber? 

The word Uber means better, larger, greater, beyond, or over.


It’s a great concept. It’s spreading like wildfire! It soon will be in every city in the nation! It’s as simple as loading an app on your phone. Registering an account with a credit card on file, and Tada, you have a ride in minutes for half the cost of a cab!

Individually contracted drivers pick you up. Uber provides them with their GPS app on their phone which directs them to your location. No money is ever transacted between driver and client.

I’m thinking about becoming an Uber driver myself as an extra job. Just think of all the blog material I could gain from the fascinating people that might cross my path!

I have experienced Uber for myself. We used the service on New Year’s Eve. $11.48 in turn for a comfortable, safe ride to our destination. No worry about the New Year’s crazies out there damaging our car or a glass or two of champagne damaging our driving record. 😉  You can’t afford not to.

Do you know what else is better, larger, greater, beyond, or over anything else? Jesus.

Let’s all register our account with Him. No app or credit card necessary.Oh, but the ride in store for you once you’re in will take you to places beyond your wildest dreams! I encourage each of you if you haven’t already to sign up and sit back and enjoy the ride! The ride of your life and your afterlife!

“He has come from above and is greater than anyone else. We are of the earth, and we speak of earthly things, but he has come from heaven and is greater than anyone else.
John 3:31

Love and laughter,



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