The House That Built Me

Good morning!

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the Miranda Lambert hit,The House That Built Me. 

I recently heard it on my car radio. It got me thinking. I grew up in the home I am currently living in. It’s the house that built me! I have come full circle. I’ve been married, divorced, raised my own family, owned my own homes, and now here I am back in the house that built me. 

It is where I learned to roller skate. Ride a bike. Lost my first tooth. Had my first sleepover. Got my first kiss. Survived my first heartbreak. Graduated from high school. Went off to college. Spent my last night as a single woman. And now here I am back here once again spending my nights once again as a single woman. With my dad.

It’s not just a house. It’s a home. It carries memories.

If only those walls could talk. The countless tales they could tell of the family that lived under its roof. And its friends.  And its pets. Years of love and laughter.

It no longer is the gathering place for love and laughter it once was. Instead it’s cold and dark and rooms lie empty. It’s depressing. It needs a desperate makeover. But who can afford it?


Just like many of us as we get older. 😦

Do we throw it away and sell it as is to the first flipper that comes along for pennies on the dollar? Do we do all we can do to manage a home improvement loan to try to bring it to code? Do we put our heart and soul back into it and restore it to today’s standards with yesterday’s ambience and try to get its value out of it?

I’d love to fix it up myself.  Make the house that built me the house that I built!

Our society has become far too disposable. We throw away the old like we throw away plastic water bottles. Without a second thought. Especially with construction. In with the new. Abandoned and vacant with the old.

Many of us throw away our older generation as they begin getting decrepit and run down. Instead let’s help give them a makeover. Make them a fixer upper. Listen to those tales their walls can tell. Give them a reason to live. For most of that older generation are the people that built you. Your parents, your grandparents. The house just held those memories.

Let’s never forget those that helped build us. Our past generations. And let’s help build our future ones as well. 

Do not cast me off in the time of old age; Do not forsake me when my strength fails.
Psalm 71:9

Love and laughter,



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