Three Little Pigs

Our current unit in Miss Marilyn’s classroom is The Three Little Pigs.The moral of the story is if you work hard, it may take you a little longer, but it will pay off in the long run.


We all have choices in life.

We can take the easy way out and build our houses of straw. Quickest return. Not very stable. Plans and futures blown away with the slightest of winds.

Or we can build our houses of sticks. A little more stable, but still not a strong foundation that can’t be rocked. One huge puff comes along and our houses are blown in.

Or we can put in the time and effort and build our houses of bricks. Strong enough to withstand whatever life brings our way. It may cost us more initially, but the dividends will pay out in the long run greatly.

We all will face the big bad wolves of life at some time or another. Those obstacles that will huff and puff and try to blow our houses in. No matter how convincing we may be shouting,  “Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin.”, the strength of our foundation determines the outcome of whether or not we’re left standing.

As we spend the next few weeks sitting in circle listening to a variety of versions of The Three Little Pigs, we are learning great life lessons. All of us, from teacher to child.The child, who throughout the tale has been invited to identify with one of the three protagonists, is not only given hope, but is told that through developing his intelligence and fortitude, he can be victorious over a much stronger opponent. As an adult, I’m moved to build my remaining future on more solid ground. One that is strong as brick. A great life lesson to be learned by all.

I was recently listening to a somewhat similar situation.  An opportunity for another great life lesson to be learned. 

A situation was shared with me where another offered some very sound advice to a young man who was recently transporting them. The two were alone in a car and engaged in a conversation about the young man driving’s future. He said he was doing this to pay for college. The advice given was finish college. No matter what it takes. Finish what you start. It doesn’t matter what your degree is actually in. No one really cares. Nor do they really care what your grade point actually was. They care if you passed. What matters is that you finished what you started. That you can complete a task. That you can get along with others.

It’s ironic how it doesn’t matter whether we are reading children’s fairy tales or college textbooks or the bible itself, there is always a lesson to be learned. Let’s all learn ours. You get what you pay for. Pretty simple.

And never forget.  Jesus paid for you. With His life. Now that’s a story that is stronger than brick. That can never be blown away. Kinda blows me away though to accept that. Still to this day. Let’s not be lazy. Let’s always give our best, not just settle for houses of straw and sticks. Jesus gave His best!

Lazy people want much but get little,
    but those who work hard will prosper.
Proverbs 13:4

Love and laughter,



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