Cookie Heaven

Good morning!

Do you put out Cookies for Santa at your house? What kind do you give him? Your very best homemade I hope! 🙂 Do you give him a big glass of milk as well? Almond milk or 2%? 🙂


These are a few of the cookies for Santa from Miss Lacy’s house. She brought them in to work and shared them with us. They were delicious! I felt like I was in cookie heaven with each bite! ♡ (She’s quite talented when it comes to dough. Her play dough is to die for! Homemade. The perfect consistency, color and scent to go with each of our units. Especially the gingerbread!  You just can’t eat it. It’s just pretend!)

If I was Santa I wouldn’t want to leave her house. I’d be in search of that cookie jar to grab a few extras for the skies. In fact, if I lived at her house I’d want to come home from school every day to some of her fresh hot homemade cookies!

That reminds me of the people of Israel as they exited Egypt. God gave them Manna to eat every day that tasted like wafers made with honey. Just like Miss Lacy’s cookies, I’m sure! ♡

How many of us have things set before us each and every day just like Santa’s plate of cookies? Daily provisions that are provided for us by God or others that are ever so sweet that we sometimes may take for granted? And just like the Israelites, how many of us may grumble about that it’s just not good enough. They wanted meat!

Let’s all learn to be thankful for the plate of cookies we get. We have a popular phrase in Miss Marilyn’s room, “You get what you get, and you don’t get upset.” No matter what our age, some pretty sage advice.

Let’s learn to savor the sweetness of every circumstance we are given.

In the mean time, it’s almost Christmas.  If you haven’t baked your cookies for Santa yet, you still have time! And if you’re not sure about his favorites, you might just ask your mom or dad, I would bet they’ll have a pretty good idea. 😉

31 And the house of Israel called its name Manna.[a] And it was like white coriander seed, and the taste of it was like wafers made with honey.
Exodus 16:31

Love and laughter,



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