Blue Christmas

Good morning!

This is not going to be my norm when it comes to blogs. Most are more uplifting. Since yesterday was “Happy”, I felt it fitting to make today’s, Blue Christmas.  After all, I’ve already used White Christmas.

As many of you already read if you follow me on Facebook, Monday I put my cat to sleep. My family pet of around 18 years. Sid was not the average cat.


He was more like a dog. He walked my daughter to the bus stop every day as a young child. He always came when you called him. The dogs loved him and he them. ♡ I could go on and on. But I won’t.  They’re MY memories.

What I will say is it saddened me greatly to do so. To play God and make the decision to cut a life short. The vet agreed, so I know it was the right thing to do.

I also lost something that had been an integral part of me and my family for close to two decades. He was a member of our family.

A piece of my heart went with him. I was blue. At Christmas.

How many of you have suffered a blue Christmas at some time or another in your life or are presently?

A lost pet. A lost family member. A lost relationship. A lost job. A lost home. Lost health. Lost finances. A lost hope or dream. Whatever your loss may be, you are left empty. Your heart aches. Indefinitely.

The holidays can be hard. Everyone around you is celebrating the holiday cheer. They don’t understand. They can’t help with the pain.There are not enough lights, Christmas music, holiday treats, or gifts to brighten your spirits when you are blue. Grief seeps into every last corner of your soul and can be suffocating.

For those of you suffering a blue Christmas, just know there is a present for each one of us that can make a difference.  It is ours for the asking. It provides us the love that will fill that void in our hearts. It offers us hope and peace and joy and comfort. It restores the broken. It is Jesus. The baby born in the manger on Christmas day.

Let Him fill your blue heart this Christmas season like only He can.

If your Christmas this year is blue, I get it. I do understand.  I’m here to love and listen and help be God’s light to turn this Christmas from blue to merry and bright for you. Christ has for me. Certainly on more than one occasion. Let’s all reach out to those who have suffered loss this Christmas and offer them a Christmas that is merry and bright. 🙂

My holiday prayer for all of you is may all your Christmases be bright! ♡

“Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”
Matthew 5:4 


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