Good morning!


I got these socks in a bag full of goodies from a precious parent of one of our students for Christmas. I can’t think of a nicer compliment. 🙂 She told me she appreciates my happy attitude.
I AM happy! 🙂
And not just my feet. Although my feet really want to do a happy dance in these special Gap happy socks! 🙂

Happy is feeling or showing pleasure or contentment.

My kids in Miss Marilyn’s room bring me such pleasure, and I’ve finally learned to be content where I am in my personal life so it’s easy to feel happy.

I sometimes get down at the holidays when I look around at others Martha Stewart kind of Christmases compared to my rather bleak holiday celebrations due to the many losses or poor decisions I have suffered in my lifetime. The loss of my own home, loss of my mom, and being divorced and single all cause me to feel like a lost failure at times, but I’m ever so grateful for those that are here today present in my life. They make me happy! Just like Paul, God has truly taught me to be thankful no matter what my circumstances.  I’m right where He wants me to be!

Another parent gave us all a tin bucket with a few of her favorite things. Things that make her happy. I absolutely loved that! ♡ She shared a piece of herself with each of us. They always say give someone a gift you would want for yourself. In fact in our JWE scarf exchange a few did just that. Chose the gift they brought for themselves! 🙂

My two most favorite things that make me happy are love and laughter.  Neither are things. I’m done with things making me happy. I’ve lost too many of them over the years. People make me happy. And the feelings you get from engaging with them.

How about you?
What makes you happy?

Let’s all be happy!
Remember the old Bobby Mcferrin song, don’t worry be happy? 🙂
Let’s all have a happy heart and put on a smile when we get up each morning and wear it all day ’til we go to bed at night. Share it with others. It’s contagious!

And thank you again,  my sorority sister, for my most perfect gift! ♡ You truly are a cheerful giver! I absolutely adore you and your precious little child! ♡

A happy heart makes the face cheerful, but heartache crushes the spirit.
Proverbs 15:13

Love and laughter,



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