A Village

Good morning!

A delightful story.


I went to a most charming dinner the other evening. The table adjacent to us was celebrating a graduation.  There were parents and grandparents and sisters and friends. Two tables worth. All gathered together in celebration of the accomplishment of a completed education.  The beautiful young lady proudly wore her mortar board and honor cord with her evening attire. As we watched from afar then later shared in their exhuberation, it was proof that it indeed takes a village to raise a child.

The joy. The love. The  sense of accomplishment that together not just this young lady but her entire village did it! It lit up the entire room that was otherwise dimly lit with the glow of warm Christmas lights.

I work with three and four year old children. Some of their villages are very populated. They have lots of people to love them, help them, encourage them, and mentor them to be the best they can be. A few are not as fortunate. There is no village. These children have a single parent struggling themself financially, mentally, and emotionally to make ends meet. They are in survival mode themselves with no extra resources to encourage another. Many have no extended family or friends to lighten their load.

We as a society need to step in and mentor these young children to grow up to be like the beautiful young lady that was eating at the table beside us.

Every child has the potential to be great. To accomplish something. No matter their color. Their race. Their financial status. Their physical strengths. Their IQ. God created them with spirits to soar, not be crushed.

Let’s be the village. Let’s all look around us. In our own communities. What can we do to mentor those less fortunate to be their best? Be a Big Brother or Sister. Lead a small group at your local church. Sponsor a child’s sports team.  Get involved with Special Olympics. There are myriads of ways to help.

Let’s light the way for our future generations.

Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.
1 Thesolonian 5:11

Love and laughter,



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