Good morning!

I recently took my dad to my daughter’s home for dinner.  He’s 85. My grandson and his great grandson, Tucker, is 3. Tucker wanted to show Papa Gail how he could make flint and steel spark to create fire, a recently learned skill he had perfected under the careful watch of his mom and/or dad.
Boys will be boys. 🙂

In Tucker’s eyes, Tucker was the only one who had ever accomplished this feat! Little did he know, thIs very man he was teaching lived in the day that was how you made fire. No flick of the Bic or turn on the gas.

It was priceless to observe Tucker as he ever so patiently and diligently instructed his elder in how to firmly and rapidly pull down and away.

There were several attempts on Tucker’s behalf. Then an “Okay, it’s your turn”. Then he’d share. One time. Then gently gather his tools right back again for “my turn”. Several attempts.  Then… One big spark! And it was captured on camera! 🙂
Precious! Priceless!
He was so proud of himself!  (As was I for my photography skills! LOL!)

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.


This one speaks volumes! And is worth much greater than a thousand dollars. me. For the memory it captured for the four generations that witnessed it that night was priceless. ♡

Fire. “Hot”, as Ava, Tucker’s little sister, kept telling us, was now cold as ice as it lie frozen in time in our memories.

That spark warmed my heart more than any fire it could have created. Two lives, young and old, engaged. That’s what Christmas is about to me. Those kinds of moments that can’t be wrapped beneath the tree. Where love abounds. Where love consumes. Where time stands still.

This year let’s all be firestarters. Let’s ignite the spark in others that warms their hearts. We all have it within us. We’re the flint. God is the steel. Together we can ignite the world. One spark at a time. One life at a time. We just have to accept the gift. God’s love come to earth in His son.

Let’s let that fire consume us.

for our “God is a consuming fire.”
Hebrews 12:29

Love and laughter,



2 thoughts on “Firestarter

  1. Sandy, this is the first time I have got to set down and read your blog! You are so talented and such a precious lady! I miss being around all of you. Good luck on this Thursday Morning 😉


    1. How sweet!!!÷ ♡ We all certainly loved you!!! We missed you!!!! It was pajama dau. Sam fell asleep leaning back on circle with my Olaf Jammie on. Haha! He slept for 30 monutes!


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