Baby, It’s Cold Outside!

Good morning!

Baby, it’s cold outside!
Brrr! It’s scarf season!

Yesterday was our Christmas party at work. It was a scarf exchange for all the staff at Jenks West Elementary, Building B, that cared to participate. (We have an all female staff mind you.)

There was food and drink and 27 scarves brightly wrapped to be opened, stolen, stolen again, and finally retired to one happy owner.


It was a White elephant kind of gift exchange. You know the kind…fellow participants trying to get those most desirable items by luckily unwrapping them first hand as they choose a package numerically or stealing the prized gifts from the hands of their fellow workmates.

Two steals and it’s retired. No one else can take it from you. It’s yours. Woo hoo! 🙂

The goal of a white elephant gift exchange is usually geared much more towards entertaining than in gaining.

You better not get too attached to your scarf is all I can say. Easy come. Easy go. They are one size fits all so all were available for the taking. Licking your scarf or leaving the party early seemed to be the only promising ways of locking in permanent ownership. 🙂

When all was said and done, we had a room full of good sports with full stomachs and warmed hearts wearing an array of festive scarves. We’ll all be sporting some pretty stylish scarves this winter as we help usher our students in and out of the car and bus lines before and after school. 

Christmas is about gift giving. I love the gift I chose. I chose it because I liked the snowflake bag it was hidden sway in. In it, I uncovered a white faux fur scarf. And no one stole it. 🙂 It was perfect for me!

Speaking of perfect gifts, the best good and perfect gift for all of us came from above. Jesus. The Christmas gift that you don’t have to unwrap, steal, or retire. And He’ll keep you warm much more than just around your neck as you assist with car and bus lines. He is the perfect gift. I urge each of yoy if you havent alreafy to accept the gift of His love today. Its priceless!

And then come join me learn how to make my own arm knit infinity scarf!  My newest challenge thanks to Miss Golfe. 😉 (One of the most coveted gifts there was a hand knit scarf by one of our teachers!)

Thank you all! To the ladies of Jenks West Elementary Building B, I am so blessed to work with each and every one of you! I love you!
Merry Christmas! ♡

Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights with whom there is no variation or shadow due to change.
James 1:17

Love and laughter,



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