Thanksgiving…A Time Of Traditions

Good morning!

Happy Thanksgiving! 🙂

Thanksgiving day is considered the most traveled day of the year. It’s the holiday most spent together by families.

Driving is the most preferred mode of transportation to temporarily relocate these family members to their loved ones.


And turkey is the most preferred food of choice served on Thanksgiving day. (Even though the original Pilgrims more than likely did not actually eat turkey at their feast,  but rather would have been fish eaters.)

Habits we create by repeating our behaviors.
Driving to grandma’s to eat turkey for thanksgiving dinner is one of the finest! ♡

Our family tradition for years consisted of celebrating Thanksgiving around 1:00 p.m. as we ate lunch together as a family. There were grandparents,  parents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends present. It always commenced with the entire group circling in prayer, giving thanks for the food and loved ones present and remembering those that were not. Our dear friend, Charlie Chibitty, spent Thanksgiving with us for many years. He was one of the last Comanche code talkers in World War II. He would pray in his native tongue as well.  I’ll never forget my girls as this Indian man spoke in a foreign tongue to them. Then it was, Let’s eat! Finally, the men in the family would retire to the den to watch football or play cards or nap. The women would serve dessert then clean up the dishes and prepare for round two later on that evening around dinner time. As the men played pinochle, the women and children often joined in a friendly game of dominoes. After our second feeding, the women and children would load up in the car and go look at the Christmas lights that were brightly displayed for all to see. This night officially escorting in the Christmas season. Cups of cappuccino and hot chocolate were enjoyed by all. And the little ones would never master the car ride home without falling fast asleep.

There was always too much food! Turkey and dressing, ham, mashed potatoes and gravy, sweet potato casserole, green bean casserole, corn, cranberry sauce, salad, rolls, pies.  Our family may have been small, but friends were always welcome and included. Growing up, I always had plenty and had plenty to be thankful for each Thanksgiving.

Times have changed.  People have come and gone out of my life. My 3 daughters are all grown up now,  but I’m blessed to have them all here in the Tulsa area. We all seem to go in all different directions. Some traveling with their new loved ones, some working, some spending their time with their spouse’s families. Those long time family traditions I have practiced have died along with those before me. To be replaced by new and different plans. Some harder for me to accept than others. But life is about change. Going with the flow. Adapting.

I’ve finally learned to be content.  Right where I am. I figure it’s where God must want me. That contentment is definitely something worth being thankful for! It’s taken me years to finally achieve it. 🙂

No matter where I may celebrate this day, I can assure you it will be spent with people I love. I’m thankful for that luxury. Some aren’t as fortunate.  They will be spending it alone.

I ask each of you to be aware of those around you at this time of year. Where ever you may be, BE there! Be 100% in. Engage!  Listen to the stories of the young and old alike. Give of yourself to those you see alone. A smile, a touch, a kind word goes a long way to brightening another’s world.

Reflecting back over the years, what are some of your fondest memories of holiday traditions? Those things you’ve been thankful for? What are you thankful for THIS Thanksgiving?

I’m most thankful for all of you, my readers. My family, my friends. The meal (or meals) I’ll be eating today.  My faith. My freedom. My job.  The tradition I have started of writing a blog every day.

Let’s all give thanks to God today for everything we have.  And don’t have. 🙂 Unanswered prayer is not always a bad thing. Then let’s take a moment and tell those we love how thankful we are for them as well.  Then go eat some turkey or pie and watch a little football while you’re at it, and do something totally quirky, original to your particular family. I urge you to go and make some new family traditions all of your own. But most of all, be thankful. ♡

give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.
1 Thesolonian 5 :18

Love and laughter,



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