Good morning!

Wild horses couldn’t drag me away from seeing this movie!



I have a dear friend that is very involved in the rescuing of animals.  Dogs and horses are her specialties. She has a heart of gold. When she sent me the email that said she’d seen this movie and I had to go see it, I immediately went online and ordered tickets.

I have a love for horses as she does. I used to own several of my own from my early childhood years through my early years of marriage. I showed jumping horses for years. I lost two of my favorites in a tragic barn fire at Southern Hills in the late ’70s.

I even took my horse to Eagle Pass, TX and Corpus Christi, TX with me and my husband as we married and moved away from our homes prior to having children.

My most recent interaction with my four legged friends has been volunteering leading physically, cognitively and emotionally challenged riders on the horses for therapeutic riding lessons at American Therapeutic Riding Center in Sand Springs.  It’s a wonderful facility and program if you know anyone who has a need for such a thing!

I miss horseback riding. 😦

One of my fondest equine memories was my favorite vacation activity every year in Grand Cayman. The diving there is magnificent. Seven mile beach is breathtaking with its white sands and turquoise waters. The stingrays are captivating. But, there’s nothing more exhilarating to me than the freedom of riding horses on the beach and in the water.  My youngest daughter and I would rent horses and gallop them on the beach and swim them bareback in the ocean. (The horses, not the riders were barebacked. We wore swimsuits and shorts. 🙂 )

I’d love to ride horses again. Once you love a horse it becomes a part of you. It’s in your blood. To tame such a large majestic animal is remarkable.  To have a 1,000 pound pet gently nudge you and eat apples from your hand is magical. To have them stand ever so still as you jump up on them bareback and feel the warmth of them beneath you as they gracefully move.

Riding bareback is the next best thing to riding wild horses. Something I’m sure I’ll never do, so I will be content to just watch them run freely.  There’s little more satisfying to me. That’s freedom.

I even recently booked a trip so I could visit Rodanthe in the Outer Banks of North Carolina to see the feral horses run free. The trip never transpired so I never got the privilege to see them running freely.

So you csn see, naturally I want to see this movie. To finally see wild horses running free and wild.

I live in America the land of the free and the home of the brave. Let’s keep our wild horses just that. Free, not slaughtered or extinct.

Horses are strong, athletic animals. They can pull chariots and wagons and plows. They can run fast. Some even win triple crowns as we witnessed American Pharoah recently accomplish.  But let’s not boast in horses, but rather boast in the name of Jesus.

If you’re not doing anything special come join me across the country on December 8th to view Unbranded, a documentary about a six month ride of four guys, 18 wild mustangs, and 3,000 miles of open trail from Mexico to Canada. These screenings will benefit wild horse adoptions. I’m sure the scenery alone will be breathtaking. And who knows, we may just go home with a new member to our families,  a real Mustang,  not just the one in the garage!

Some boast in chariots and some in horses, But we will boast in the name of the LORD, our God.
Psalm 20:7

Love and laughter,



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