Physically Speaking

Good morning!

I had a physical exam Wednesday morning at 8:07.  It was the first one I’d had in awhile.  I’m usually very healthy. I tend to keep current on my routine dental cleanings, eye exams, gynecologist visits, mammograms, and I’ve even had the infamous over 50 colonoscopy.
New job. New insurance. 
Free physical.  $200 Incentive check.
You can bet I was all in.

They weighed me. They took my vital signs,  drew two vials of blood, and gave me two shots, one in each arm. DPT (for which I was overdue) and the Pneumonia vaccine (I’m over 50 and don’t want to spread pneumonia to my 85 year old dad that I live with that has an artificial mitral valve and usually makes a visit or two to our local hospital each winter with pneumonia). I believe in preventive medicine.


I think I passed my exam. I’m still living to tell you about it. 🙂

Except today I’m feeling the aftershock. 😦

I’m not a wimpy girl. I have an extremely high pain tolerance.  I’ve lived through two natural childbirths with no pain medication whatsoever. I’ve had numerous eye surgeries.  I’ve gotten flu shots for years. They’ve never bothered me. I left school yesterday with both my upper arms feeling like I’d just completed the senior women’s weightlifting competition.  And I was freezing! And I had a huge, warm, painful lump on my one arm where one of the shots was administered. A few hours later I was achy with a headache and had a temp of 103! 😦
I felt beyond yucky! 😦

I googled the side effects of the two shots. I then asked some friendly advice from a few of my nurse friends, and lastly consulted with my daughter’s boyfriend, a pharmacist.

I found it reassuring that I wasn’t really sick sick. I hadn’t caught a bug. This too shall pass. It was a typical reaction to my injections. Maybe I was a little over zealous in getting them both at the same time. But I still believe most of us would rather have small doses of these chemicals in our bodies than lots of unopposed pathogens that have been responsible over the years for taking myriads of lives.

It was Tylenol and to bed for me!

I’m afraid it will be a sick day for Miss Sandy today! (Sorry Miss Marilyn, Miss Tara, and Miss Lacey to leave you short handed. I did call in for a sub. I tried to get your favorites, but they were all already booked. 😦 )

Even though I am feeling under the weather right now, I am so thankful I live in a country where most all of us have the option to receive regular medical care. We have the hope of getting better. Getting well.  Some countries are not so fortunate. 😦

We have medicine and doctors and nurses that can treat us and help save our lives. But sometimes no matter how hard they may try, they may not be able to save us. The disease or injury may be too great to heal. That’s when we need to make certain we have already turned to our true Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the only one that can truly save us. Not just our physical bodies, but our souls as well.

Let’s all take care of our physical bodies. After all, they are God’s temples. But let’s be more concerned in taking care of saving our souls. Jesus is the one and only name that can do that.

In the meantime I’ll take my Tylenol to ease my symptoms of discomfort from being physically ill, and I’ll read my bible to ward off any unclean sinful ways from my soul! 

And I hope to be up and at ’em very soon so I can journey to lands beyond my queen size bed to bring you tomorrow’s blog.♡

And there is salvation in no one else, for there is no other name under heaven given among men by which we must be saved.
Acts 4:12

Love and laughter,



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