Riverside 3-5-7-5-9

Good morning!

That used to be my phone number. Back in the day.
Back in the day of the following Tulsa and surrounding area phone exchanges:  Riverside.Temple.
National. Luther. Webster. Madison. Hickory. Butler. General. Circle. Filmore.
Diamond. Adams. Amherst. Cherry. Gibson.

Land lines.
My grandchildren will never know what one was. A smartphone is all they know. And at three and one year old, they can operate my cell phone probably better than I can.  😦

Anyone remember having one of these?


The old rotary dial. 🙂
Back in the day many older homes had a built in shelf made into the wall to hold the phone and phone book.

Remember when long distance cost extra and you only called after 7pm and on weekends? And phone etiquette meant no phone calls after 9:00pm?

And there were no phone calls during the family dinner hour. Now you can hardly enter a restaurant that everyone doesn’t have their cell phones out texting, googling, playing games, checking scores, or interacting on social media, all totally oblivious to those they are dining with.

What ever happened to good old fashioned face to face conversation? 😦

Today’s youth are not comfortable unless they are “talking” with their thumbs rather than their mouths. We screen and pick and choose who we want to talk to on our phones. Such modern technology has prompted the demise of human communication the way we once knew it. Face to face. Engaging. Eye contact. Facial expressions. 
They have been replaced by a smile. 🙂
and a laugh. LOL
Just take a look at your cell phone bill. Count the number of texts and compare that to the number of telephone calls. We’ve lost something very valuable in the trade out.

We used to just use our phones for talking.  No texts. No world wide web.
We loved when we got a telephone call! Your friends and family would call you to wish you a happy birthday or Merry Christmas from miles away. As a teen I recall chatting for hours with my girlfriends or better yet receiving a call from a boy! ♡ And good girls DID NOT call boys! 😦

Our world has changed the manner in which it communicates. How about you? Would you answer if Jesus called you today? Or would you screen it?

I can tell you my friends, Jesus is calling. Calling you and calling me. No land lines. No cellphones.  No minutes or memory necessary. He is calling each of us to be His follower. To reach others in this world. To leave it a better place. To spread His gospel.  He calls us all, but not everyone will answer.
Will you?

“For many are called, but few are chosen.”
Matthew 22:14

Love and laughter,



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