Good morning!

I love soup! ♡

I always have! I’m a soup or salad kind of girl. Especially this time of year. Give me a bowl of steaming hot soup any day over a steak dinner, and I’m happy! 


I have so many favorite soups, it would be hard to pick just one.

There’s Pho….from anywhere! Probably my all time favorite go to soup since you can enjoy it year round. I don’t know if I enjoy eating it more or playing with it to get it just right. 🙂
I’m a big fan of Mexican food so all the different variations of tortilla soup are also fine with me! Be sure you don’t leave out the chips and avacado on top! Yum!
Then there’s Panera’ s autumn squash soup only available at this time of year. So fallish! 🙂
And Stonehorse’s chestnut agnolotti soup with its mushroom consume, cauliflower, and brussels sprouts is delicious!
And you can’t leave out McGill’s french onion soup au gratin which is one of the best french onion soups around.
Nothing is better than a cup of Charleston’s baked potato soup accompanied by one of their mouth watering croissants!
And I do love a cup of Mcalister’s broccoli cheese soup atop one of their kid’s baked potatoes!
Not a winter goes by that I don’t have a pot of homemade chili on the stove every week. My current favorite recipe is a copy cat Wendy’s chili recipe.
And there’s just something about drinking a mug of Campbell’s tomato soup (made with milk) along with a grilled cheese sandwich on a cold day that brings back the fondest of memories.
My kids still ask for my mother’s potato soup when they are sick. It’s plain as can be. Thinly sliced potatoes, a little chopped onion, milk, butter, and salt and pepper to taste. Mimi’s miracle medicine. ♡

One of my favorite Seinfeld episodes was the entitled the “Soup Nazi”. It aired in November of 1995. It was the 116th episode or 6th of the 7th season.
You could receive no complimentary bread or no soup at all if the proprietor didn’t like you.
It would be a very sad day for me if I ever heard, “No soup for you!”  😦

Soup is good. It’s hot, and it warms your insides. But only temporarily.  Once the bowl is empty,  so is your warmth.

Not so with Jesus.  He warms your insides. ♡ But He also provides warmth for your heart. For your soul. Not just in the winter time, but for eternity.

Let’s all eat soup this winter with someone we love. And let’s all warm our souls with Jesus.

It is better to eat soup with someone you love than steak with someone you hate.
Proverbs 15:17

Love and laughter,



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