Sports Fan-atic

Good morning!

It seems you can’t turn on a TV this time of year and not find some type of sport. There’s been baseball playoffs, college football, pro football, NASCAR.
It’s a sports fan’s dream!

What kind of a fan are you?


Are you the loyal kind that remains true blue regardless of whether your team is winning or losing?  Are you the type that never misses a game? Is your home accented in shades of OSU orange or Oklahoma crimson? Have you ever painted your body or at least your face in team colors prior to attending a sporting event?  Have you ever booed an official on a call against your team and been removed from the game? Do you have a crush on one particular player rather than the team? Do you have a life size Fathead of your favorite player plastered on your wall?

If you can answer yes to at least three of the above questions,  you most likely are a sports fanatic.

We all have our causes that we believe in. Those things we love. Those things we are loyal to. For many, it’s a particular sport. For others it’s a favorite team. For people like me, it’s the underdogs of this world.

If you don’t think you have one, look again. It’s more than likely that If you don’t have a favorite cause externally then it’s probably you, yourself, that your loyalties are directed at. 🙂

Loyalty is not a bad thing. It elects presidents. It holds marriages together.  It fills stadiums far and wide. Loyalty is the glue that holds us together through good times or bad. Let’s all just make sure that the things we invest our loyalties in are a good thing.

Bump it up a notch or two and you get a fanatic. A fanatic is a person with an obsessive interest in and enthusiasm for something. 

Let’s all be loyalists not fanatics. If you’re going to be a fanatic about something,  let’s be fanatics about Jesus. After all, we all know, that battle is already won. He is victorious.  He IS the winning team!

3 Never let go of loyalty and faithfulness. Tie them around your neck; write them on your heart. 
4 If you do this, both God and people will be pleased with you. 
Proverbs 3:3-4

Love and laughter,



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