Hometown Football

Good morning!

It was a beautiful evening for some  football. The air was crisp and cool after the fall drizzle all day. The Friday night lights were on. It was Senior Night at the Memorial vs. Shawnee Friday night football game.

The Chargers came out large and in charge, taking an early lead and maintaining it throughout the entire game. They played an awesome game! The final score on the scoreboard read 33-30 in Memorial’s favor. Several star players shined brightly throughout the evening. So fun to watch! But the number that caught my eye was



Jebario Allums is the bearer of that particular number. The reason it caught my eye was because he not only played on the football field during the game, he played on the field during half time as well!

He was recognized as a senior at half time with his fellow senior members of the Big Blue Machine, Memorial’s marching band,  and then remained on the field to perform with the band. The reason he stood out to me was he was in his football uniform the entire time! The other band members were all in their customary band uniforms. Just a tad bit noticeable I might say. 😉 Then back on the field he went following the half time festivities as the football players took their appropriate positions on the sidelines and on the field. It was absolutely priceless!  If you were up moving around during the half time intermission and failed to see the 3 to 5 minute band performance,  you possibly missed seeing #51.
Well, I’m just saying…
#51, I want you to know, I saw it! 🙂
It’s amazing what treasures we can see if we just slow down and look.

It was pretty cool if you ask me!
That was some pretty heavy duty multi-tasking!  Kudos to you, Jebario! Certainly a man of many talents.

Only in hometown football will you see such flexibility. I saw #51 performing on the same field as a football player, a senior, and a band member all within minutes of each other. Three different accomplishments. Each distinctly different yet making up one individual. 
Sound familiar? 😉

3 – The number of divine perfection.

Let’s all look for the threes in things. Especially the three that matter most, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Enjoy the life you are living. Just make sure you are living for more than just yourself. Watch some football. But if you want to win more than games in life look to the Big 3.

– For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word His Son, Jesus Christ), and the Holy Ghost: and these three are one.
1 John 5:7

Love and laughter,



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