Wag More, Bark Less

Good morning!

These are my granddogs belonging to my youngest daughter; Maddee. She loves them dearly, and they love her! ♡

They faithfully wait each and every day to greet her at the end of her work day.


Have you ever wondered why a dog is considered man’s best friend?

I would assume it is because dogs wag more and bark less. Much less than their human counterparts.

They are always happy to see us no matter how long we’ve left them or whatever else we’ve opted to do before them. Those tails are wagging once we come in that door. And do we hear grumbling from them when we come home later than expected or forget their birthday?  Of course not! No barking out of them! Only wagging!

We all might want to take a little advice from our four legged friends.
Wag more, bark less.

Let’s all start wagging. Every day. Its good exercise. 🙂 Shake those hips rapidly from side to side as in playfulness, agreement, or admonition. Elvis did it. And look how loved he was! He’s a legend! 🙂

Then let’s all stop barking. Stop barking orders at others. Start speaking words of kindness and gentleness instead. Or better yet, do for others instead of expecting everyone to do for us all the time. Stop barking complaints about our government,  our officials, our laws, certain classes and races and sexes of people, and those we once loved that have hurt us. If we can’t say anything nice, then let’s not say anything at all. Edify! Let’s not offer negative complaints if we can’t offer positive alternative ideas in their place. 

Let’s let sleeping dogs lie.

God’s word even speaks about the absence of a dog bark.

The absence of a dog bark during Israel’s exodus more than likely meant that God miraculously silenced either the departure of the Israelites or the local dogs, so that they did not alert the Egyptians. 

Wag more, bark less.
Go pet a dog today. Or adopt one!
They truly are man’s best friend.
And they’ve got the right idea. 🙂
Wag more, bark less!

But among the Israelites not a dog will bark at any person or animal. Then you will know that the LORD makes a distinction between Egypt and Israel.
Exodus 11:7

Love and laughter,



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