The Middle

Good morning!

Every story has a beginning and a middle and an ending.

This is my story. ♡

Today’s story is going to be told from a little different perspective.  I’m just going to tell…
The Middle.

As you know, I have 3 daughters. 🙂
Remember Lauren?
She is the middle daughter of our family.
I’ve shared her own writing with you on a previous blog post this year. She’s an awesome writer. She’s an awesome daughter, sister, and young woman! I’m very proud of her. 🙂

Today I am dedicating this entire blog to the middle child.
In my case, LAUREN.


Let’s face it. Middles are usually the least favorite. Take airplane seating. Do you prefer the window, the middle, or the aisle?  My point exactly. 😦

The middle child so often gets overlooked.

They’ve never been the only child to be solely doted over.  They are not the baby of the family to be spoiled and get away with so much more because mom and dad just get old and tired as the process goes on. 🙂 Therefore, they are the peacemakers. They keep the family balance.  They keep everybody happy.

They typically get in the least amount of trouble, have the least amount of pictures in the family album, and simply require the least amount of maintenance. 

They are the generational glue that holds all the family members together. They usually do big kid stuff too early with their older sibling and usually get into trouble for it. (Remember OSU on the first day of school your senior year, Lauren? ) Or they can postpone their own maturation  process by doing things like riding in their younger sibling’s Barbie Jeep way beyond the recommended age level. Again, remember Lauren?

They are always likeable. They know how to share and play well with others,  they’ve always had to. 

But on a brighter note. They usually get to be both the big sister and the little sister, depending on who they side with or who they are playing with.

Speaking of middles, did you know the middle verse of the Bible is Psalm 118. 8?

It tells us to take refuge in our Lord rather than trust in man.
So middles unite!
No need to side with the oldest or the youngest. Instead stand your own ground. On your own two feet. Be independent.  Be yourself. And side with our Lord. He will never let you down, forget you, overlook you, ignore you, or think lesser of you!  With Him you are the Oreo middle. The white cream filling. The best part!

In honor of Lauren and all the other middles out there, please accept my utmost apologies for neglecting you in any way over the years! I love my middle daughter with all my heart. ♡ Thank you for always being so easy going, so low maintenance,  and such a people pleaser in keeping everyone happy. We all love you a little bit more because of it! You’ve now earned the title of second child. No more middles!

It is better to take refuge in the LORD Than to trust in man.
Psalm 118:8

Love and laughter,



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