Security Blanket

Good morning!

There is just something about being cuddled up beneath the covers that instills warm fuzzies.

I was not a Linus as a small child. I did not have to carry around my blanket for security.  But I have to tell you as I have grown older, I love nothing more than cuddling up under a throw blanket while watching a little tv or takung plane ride or a road trip regardless of what season of the year it may be.  Or working a night shift…loved those heated blankets!

Here’s my couch. Three ready to go at all times!


They make blankets so incredibly soft these days. I’m a tactile kind of girl. I love to touch them. Feel them. Fresh out of the dryer, warm and smelling of fabric softener is the best!! 

Someone in our family is always giving or getting a new one each year for Christmas. It’s one of my favorite gifts to give or receive. As I sit enveloped in my blanket I am reminded of the one who gave it to me. It’s kind of like a virtual hug. ♡

How about you? Do you have a favorite blanket to wrap up in?

This past weekend i took all our comforters and blankets to the laundry and had them all cleaned. Summer is over. Fall has arrived.

We had fresh sheets but no blankets until I put them back where they belonged. I felt somewhat naked without my blankets..The beds, the couches, the cars all usually have them thrown across the seat or foot of the bed.

It reminded me how much we need Jesus. He is our security.  Without Him we are naked, vulnerable. He wraps Himself around us 24/7 to protect us and provide warmth and shelter for us. I love Psalm 91:4 which tells us God covers us with His feathers and keeps us safe under His wing. What a priceless illustration!

Let’s all trade in our throws, our blankets, our conforters for the true one that offers us comfort. Jesus.

“He will cover you with His feathers, and under His wings you will find refuge.”
Psalm 91:4 

Love and laughter,



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