A Walk In The Park

Good morning!

It’s beautiful fall weather where I live! A perfect time to enjoy a walk in the park with my Golden Retriever, Dakotah.


“It’s a walk in the park” is an idiom meaning something is very easy.

Walking Dakotah is very easy to do. The park is just across the street from my home. As I’ve previously shared with you, Dakotah is a velcro dog. He doesn’t leave my side. A leash is not necessary to walk him. Although, I do have one being the rule follower that I am.

He and I both so enjoy our walks in the park. I love the exercise, the sunshine, and the cool, crisp fall air. He enjoys romping through the fields and the smells both on the ground and in the air. And any water he can find.  And trust me, he finds it. There is a creek he loves to run in. 🙂

What’s something that’s a walk in the park for you? Something you excel at, that comes easily and naturally to you?

For me, it’s writing. I’ve got the gift of gab. In fact, I talk too much. I can carry on the best of conversations with perfect strangers. I can speak in front of large groups comfortably. I write the same. It just flows. Never a writer’s block.  I choose to believe it’s a gift from God. That’s why I blog. I feel it’s my calling. God’s purpose.

Let’s all find what’s a walk in the park for us. I’m pretty convinced that’s where God wants each of us.

Jesus tells us His yoke is easy. A yoke is what’s used to carry a load in equal parts. That’s how Jesus walks with us. He carries our load. Yet He allows us our free will to do so in equal parts.

Let’s not just follow Jesus.  Let’s choose to be yoked to Him.  Let’s let Him carry our load.  It’s easy. Just ask Him. Let’s let Hin lead. Just like I do with Dakotah. From there on out, it’s a walk in the park! 🙂

For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light.”
Matthew 11:30

Love and laughter,



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