Velcro Dog

Good morning!

I recently heard the term “velcro dog” for the first time used in reference to my Golden Retriever, Dakotah.

What exactly is a “velcro dog” you might ask?

It’s a clingy dog that usually suffers from separation anxiety or begs for constant cuddle time with you.

Ok, so Dakotah may follow me from room to room and may never let me out of his sight. And yes, that’s his head across my lap right now as I’m writing this.


Hmmm. He does stick pretty close. And I guess velcro does make things stick pretty close together!  The term “velcro dog” refers to the dog that is hyper-attached. I’ll have to admit, that pretty well sums up Dakotah, and that pretty much describes the power of velcro as well.  I get it.

I googled “velcro dog” and found the reason why (wo)man’s best friend has earned this nickname.  Goldens hold the runner up title in most affectionate dog breed, only second to Labrador Retrievers   And they are indeed friendly and loving just like the article stated.

But so am I. Or at least I try to be. 🙂 We’re a match made in heaven. My dog and I.♡

Speaking of matches made in heaven, Jesus had that same kind of relationship with his disciples.  Especially John. Judas not so much.:(

I do love my dog, but don’t get me wrong. If given the opportunity, there is nothing I would love more than the chance to recline close to my Savior as John did! ♡ To look up into His eyes jand hear His tender voice speak my name. That makes me long for heaven right now

But for now I’m here. On earth. Me and my dog and my blog. 🙂 And my 3 daughters.  And a host of others very near and dear to my heart. ♡

Let’s all be Goldens. Let’s all be friendly and loving to everyone we meet as we remain here on earth. We may be the only Jesus some people may ever experience. Let’s all stick together like velcro.   Let’s love unconditionally like our dogs do. And let’s cling to Jesus, for He and He alone is truly man’s best friend!  Who else has died for you?  And if you are the timid chihuahua type and need a little coaxing,  I double dog dare you! 🙂

One of His disciples, the one Jesus loved, was reclining close beside Jesus.

Love and laughter,



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