Good morning!

I love bling! ♡

And when one of my past high school classmates heard I was working at Jenks, she quickly notified me she had just the thing for me! She handed down some of her family’s past Jenks bling to me.


I love it! ♡  Go Trojans! I will wear it with pride! 🙂 Thank you Susan!

I am all about matching my wardrobe and accessorizing with bling. A day doesn’t go by that there’s not at the very least a blingy bracelet on my wrist.

Fridays are spirit days where we can wear Jenks spirit wear with jeans to work.  You can just bet you will see me blinging it up with my new Jenks jewelry this very next Friday.  🙂

Every Friday, without fail, an abundance of maroon and white can be seen across the Jenks West Elementary campus.  There is also more than likely an abundance of jewels as well. Especially with the current Rustic Cuff craze. 🙂 But Proverbs 20:15 tells us, the lips of knowledge are a more precious commodity.

Knowledge more precious than jewels? Most certainly! 🙂

After all, I work in a school. We’re all about knowledge! Jewels can be lost or stolen, but you always carry your knowledge with you.  No one can take it away from you.

Bling is primarily good for external recognition. Knowledge is the measure of internal recognition. Which do you think Jesus prefers?

Let’s all declare one Friday a no bling day! Let’s show our spirit for Jesus. Let’s let our God given inner beauty shine brighter than our bling. Let’s let our lips speak the knowledge Jesus taught us all through His textbook,  God’s holy word.
Now that’s the most precious thing!

There is gold, and an abundance of jewels; But the lips of knowledge are a more precious thing.
Proverbs 20:15

Love and laughter,



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