Good morning!

Yesterday afternoon I dropped off a carload of donation stuff at Goodwill Industries of Tulsa. They were things that were in excellent condition that I no longer had a need for keeping or storing. A large area rug. Two Harley motorcycle helmets. A pair of golf shoes. A golf travel bag. A pair of work boots. All remnants of my last marriage that had been sitting in the garage for close to two years.

One person’s trash, another’s treasures.:) Perhaps they can be put to good use by someone else in need of just those items.


I’m not a garage sale girl. I should be. I could have sold those items and used the money. I live on a very meager budget. But that’s not for me. I choose to donate anything I have that I no longer want or need. Goodwill is the designated recipient.

I’m all about helping those less fortunate.

Goodwill is defined as a kind, helpful, or friendly feeling or attitude. In business it is the amount of value that a company’s good reputation adds to its overall value.

What a fitting name for a company that serves people with workplace disadvantages and disabilities by providing job training and employment services. From the dropping off of your unwanted items, to the thrift store employees that sell it, to those reached by their job fairs and training, Goodwill Industries is certainly a worthy operation.

When I donate my unwanted goods, I get a feeling of being kind or helpful, I feel the goodwill.

How about the value that a good reputation adds to my overall value?  That too is goodwill. It doesn’t just have to be in business.  What kind of reputation do I have?  How do others think of me? I want to know. So I ask you.

What kind of a reputation do you have?

Our reputations are important.  They are who we are. We can’t take our stuff with us. But we can take our reputations. Who we are when we are stripped of everything material. What others see in us by our words and our actions past and present.

I encourage each of us to look inward and make sure our reputations reflect our true selves. That we are proud of them. That they exemplify goodwill. If not ask God to help us change that. He’s in the business of training too you know! Just like Goodwill to the disadvantaged. Then let’s all work together to spread goodwill toward all men.

Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.
Luke 2:14

Love and laughter,



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