Golden Hurricane

Good morning!


I live in Tulsa. Home of the Golden Hurricane.  The name given to the University of Tulsa’s sports teams.

I just attended the first game of the season for TU football yesterday afternoon. It was a great game, a hot game, an action packed 4 1/2 hours of entertainment. A 47-44 victory in overtime!

Those boys earned it. They fought hard to the finish.  They were due for a win. A new coaching staff. A new year.

Go Hurricane!

I have always wondered why we have a college football team called the Golden Hurricane when we live in the southern midwest. We have no large bodies of water bordering any part of our state. You know, those bodies of water we call oceans that hurricanes usually originate around.

And why no “s”? I mean one hurricane is definitely enough. But most schools are plurals…Cowboys, Sooners…
I guess they just rank amongst the elite few…Crimson Tide, Cardinal, Fighting Irish…

I finally found out why and how and when the Golden Hurricane came to be.
Because I recently asked. Someone who knows alot about everything.

And this is what I learned. A little Tulsa trivia to start your day. 🙂

Since its conception in 1895 the University of Tulsa’s football program had many unofficial team names. The Kendallites from TU’s predecessor institution Henry Kendall College, Presbyterians from the university’s founding by the Presbyterian Church, Tulsans, Tigers, Orange and Black and Yellow Jackets. The name Golden Tornadoes was given by TU football coach H.M. Archer in1922 because of their new gold and black uniforms from their orange and black and a remark made during practice of the team “roaring through opponents” in an undefeated season. The identical name had been chosen in 1917 by Georgia Tech so Archer substituted  hurricane for tornado. The team voted and they became the official Golden Hurricane.

Even God’s word tells us a hurricane is a strong force to be reckoned with. I urge us all to enjoy this time of year. Hurricane season if you’re a TU fan. Otherwise called football season. But more so I encourage you to be a strong force to be reckoned with for Jesus. Stand strong. Have the faith that can withstand any forces thrown at it.

Be a Hurricane.  A Golden Hurricane.  🙂

But the weather changed abruptly, and a wind of hurricane force (called a “northeaster”) burst across the island and blew us out to sea.
Acts 27:14

Love and laughter,



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