First Day Of School




Today is actually the first day of school for the students in my classroom, the developmental three year old class, at Jenks West Elementar

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uilding B.

Let the school year begin. A time of learning. For us learning about them. For them learning about us. Learning about the world outside the safety net of their own home. For them learning the skills of socialization.  Of structure. Of colors and shapes and letters and numbers. Of arts and crafts and snacks and songs and play.

These are the begining formative years of teaching for these children in a long career of education.
Teaching. Something I went back to school years ago to do, but life sent me in another direction. I’m back.

Since I am a paraprofessional I will not teach. Instead I will learn. From my mentor classroom teacher.  From the children themselves. I’ll learn to be more patient. More loving. More accepting. I will only assist. I have been trained to assist, but not licensed or certified to teach. I am sure the life lessons I will take away from this experience will be life altering.

I hope and pray the lessons these children take away will be life altering as well. That these children will take them and embark on their beginning journey through education. That this will provide for them the solid foundation to move them forward through life to be the best they can be. And I pray when all is said and done that I can say I did my best to help them along.

I pray blessings and a hedge of protection on this classroom and all who enter it. I pray that first day jitters will be at a minimum. That it will be a great day for all!  That the first day will be the stepping stone to many more great days to come! That the Holy Spirit will intervene and teach us all everything we are to learn. That all our minds and hearts will be open to learn. Let the school year begin!

 “But the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”                John 14:26

Love and laughter,



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