Good morning!

I just recently took part in being fingerprinted as part of the background check for my new job working at a public school.

I’ve watched too many forensic television programs. It left me with an eerie feeling knowing that my fingerprints are permanently on file somewhere for identification.  Big brother has the most intimate details of who I am at their disposal. But it also gave me a greater sense of accountability for my actions since my fingerprints are now “on file”. LOL A speeding ticket is the worst of my offenses. 🙂


Dactyloscopy or fingerprint identification is the study of the impression left by the friction ridges on a human finger.  Fingerprints are unique to each of us, no two being alike. Just like us, no two humans are alike. God’s pretty awesome that way. 🙂

Speaking of God, I love to experience the world around me in terms of the fingerprints of God. Those experiences where you can undoubtedly see or feel God’s presence, His touch. For me it’s usually in nature. Sunsets. Sunrays through clouds. The Redwood Forest. Newborn babies.  The intricate details of the human body and how it all works together like clockwork day in and day out.

Have you ever experienced something that you just feel was touched by God? Has been marked by His fingerprint?

Look in the mirror!  You are His very best fingerprint!  He made you unique from anyone else, exactly as He so desired, with a sole purpose.  He delights in you!

I urge each of you to listen to the voice of God through His Holy Spirit.  Find your purpose.  There’s no one else like you to carry it out as you would.  Then go forth and make your distinct,  unique fingerprint on the world around you.  It’s a lasting impression, I assure you.

When I consider Your heavens, the work of Your fingers, The moon and the stars, which You have ordained;
Psalm 8:3

Love and laughter,



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