Extra! Extra!

Good morning!

We all have those things in life we just can’t live without. Or so we think. So much we’d even pay extra for them.


Take your home for example. Granite counter tops. Stainless steel appliances. Kitchen islands. Hardwood floors. Walk-in closets. All extras.

Your car. Heated seats. GPS. Rear view camera. Again extras.

Your food. Cheese. Bacon. Sour cream. Extra shot.  More extras.

Your travels. Checked bag. Early check-in. Frequent Flyer’s Club.

All those extras add up.

What in life would you be willing to pay extra to have?

For me I would have to presently say it would be for internet service. I hate to admit it, but I’m kind of addicted to my cell phone. I was a late bloomer when it came to owning a smart phone. But trust me, I’ve made up for lost time! I start my day writing my blog on it. I use it to shop for most everything but groceries.  I read the news on it. I read books on it. I read daily devotionals on my YouVersion app. I watch online church on it. I applied for and got my new  job on it. I listen to music on it. I watch youtubes on it. I make appointments on it. I pay bills on it. I Google everything under the sun that I don’t know on it. I send Facebook messages and posts on it. And I do all of that because I have the internet. Without it my phone is a limited piece of metal and glass.

BUT!  It is NOT the one thing I can’t live without! It’s a creature comfort of this world that I make good use of, but I CAN live without it.

What I can’t live without is Jesus and God’s Word to instruct me.  Without those things I truly can’t live! All the wealth in the world to buy those extras in life wouldn’t compare to the extras you get through Jesus. I choose the extras that matter.  The ones that have already been paid for by Jesus with His life.  I hope you will as well. 🙂

Wealth is worthless in the day of wrath, but righteousness delivers from death“ Proverbs 11:4

Love and laughter,



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