What’s In Your Trash?

Good morning!

Have you ever really thought about what you put in your trash?


I’m talking about the waste products in your life that you dispose of once a week.

At my house we have two carts, one for Refuse and one for Recycle. Anything that goes in the Gray Refuse Cart must first be bagged. Anything that goes in the Blue Recycle Cart must be metal, paper, glass or plastic.

If one were to sort through my trash such as they do on crime scene investigation television shows, they would most likely find it very predictable each week.  There would be remnants of various pet food containers, my dad’s Hostess mini banana nut muffin wrappers that he eats nearly every day, what’s left of my staple breakfast item…banana peels,  egg shells and bacon wrappers from weekend breakfasts, an occasional empty coffee container, stuffing from a dog toy that lost its battle to the dog, used napkins and paper towels and kleenex and bounce dryer sheets, rubber bands from the daily papers, and several empty to go containers from the week’s dining out extravaganzas.

That’s what I leave at the curb every week.  What I DO NOT leave at the curb every week is the big black trash bag that I drag around with me on many days.  My big black trash bag of sin and regret. It’s full of negative thoughts of being a failure so much of my life. A failure at three marriages, at having a successful career, at having a huge nest egg for retirement,  or a paid off home of my own by this time in my life.
God does not want me dragging around that bag! He wants me to leave it at the curb!  Jesus died so I could throw that bag in the Gray Refuse Cart once and for all! He longs to replace my negative thoughts with positive truths of who I am in Christ. He longs for me to turn from any transgressions that keep me from His perfect will for my life.

What’s in your trash?  What do you not leave at the curb each week?  What’s in your big black trash bag?

Let’s all stop recycling our sin.  Let’s all put it in the refuse, and watch as Jesus removes it from the curb.
Hallelujah,  it’s trash day!

Give your burdens to the LORD, and he will take care of you. He will not permit the godly to slip and fall.
Psalm 55:22

Love and laughter,



2 thoughts on “What’s In Your Trash?

  1. thanks for the reminder Sandy we all seem to want to carry our trash with us we feel we need to help God = and he doesn’t need our help


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