Seven Letters

Good morning!

I got a new bible this weekend!  My old one was just fine.  Except for one minor detail.  It had my name imprinted on it.
My first name
followed by
my FORMER MARRIED last name,
that is.
My divorce decree stated that I was to legally change my surname back to my maiden name.
I did so.
Fourteen months ago.
With social security.
With the Oklahoma Tag Agency on my driver’s license.
With my employer.
With voter’s registration.
But not on my bible. 😦

I’m currently attending a bible study along with someone who has grown very dear to me.  Someone who loves the Lord with all their heart. Someone who is as thoughtful as they come. Someone whose last name has seven letters.

One look at that bible with the incorrect last name on it, and guess what I got?  Surprise!  A brand new bible! With just my first name imprinted on it!

You see, I have a few marriages under my belt. And a few different last names to go along with them.  To play it safe, we are operating on the first name only basis here.  I feel a little bit like Cher. Although I’m no legend. But according to my bible, I have a first name only. LOL


I was given the bible in a beautiful gift bag with the receipt and very clear instructions that there was space left after my first name to perfectly center a last name…
With Seven Letters.

And the receipt will allow me to return this new bible to be imprinted with a permanent last name at the time of my choosing.  Already paid in full.  (Just like Jesus’s death did for my sin debt and yours.)  At no extra charge!  And when God with His infinite wisdom and perfect timing so chooses to reveal to me what that permanent last name just might be, I’ll do it!

How ironic that the gift giver’s last name happens to have Seven Letters! And that’s just the amount of space  to perfectly center a first and last name on my bible!  🙂 No irony here.  That’s called faith.  Believing in the unseen.  Trust.  Trust in God.  Trust in God’s master plan.

Do you have faith?
What are you believing God to bring to fruition in your life?

I have the utmost faith in God. I am seeing Him move in my life through this blog.  This daily devotional.   Through the ministry, Freedom in Christ, I am currently attending, I am seeing Him reveal to me who I am in Christ.  And some day, who knows, I may see Him bring me a new last name.

I pray you are seeing Him move in your own lives.  If not, I’d love to talk to you about how you can.  It just takes a little faith. A mustard seed size.

for truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, ‘Move from here to there,’ and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.
Matthew 17:20

Love and laughter,



One thought on “Seven Letters

  1. Oh, Sandy, this is just beautiful. I bet it really touched Carl’s heart – it sure did mine. You must have had a good session last night? Last night laying in bed thinking about our time together, I was thinking about how wonderful it was to see you so light hearted and full of laughter. Carl is such a “God Send” to you and all of us. He’s like an “old shoe” – he fits!!!!! Yours in God’s love, Aunt Barb


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